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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Regional Qualifiers move forward to Bangor

On Monday, the BSMS Women's team took first place at the Cuba City regional, and the Men's team had a strong showing as well, taking second place overall.  40 athletes are now moving on to the Sectional Championships in Bangor, Wisconsin on Thursday.  Field Events begin at 3:30 pm, and running events begin at 4:15 pm.  For full details on the meet, visit

Girl's high jump will begin at 3:30 featuring Trinity Law and will be followed by boy's high jump with Ben Davis, Matt Davis and Tyler Allen all competing.

Girl's shotput will begin at 3:30 with Brianna Leahy competing.

Girl's long jump with Trinity Law will begin at 3:30 with finals at 5:15.

Boys triple jump with Caleb O'Neil will begin at 3:30 with finals at 5:15.

Girl's discus will follow the boys competition with Brianna Leahy competing.

Running events will begin at 4:15 with the girls 4 by 800 with Shay Soppe, Eve Nottrott, Ella Reilly & Hilde Sigwarth (alternates Michelle Greenfield and Kristy Kruger)

Boys 4 by 800 of Chandler Kelly, Josh Redfearn, Niko Karavergos, Troy Turpin, (alternates Dylan Heim and Nic Davis.)

Boys 100 meter dash with Zach Wiegel competing.

Girls 100 m hurdles with Emma Lawrence and Claire Tiedman.

Boys 110 m hurdles with Ben Davis

Girls 200 m dash with Emma Lawrence competing.

Girls 4 by 200 m relay of Trinity Law, Maggie Dougherty, Sophie Dougherty, Chloe Matthews (alternates Calli Jerry and Kylie Monson.)

Boys 4 by 200 m relay of Ethan Shetler, Caleb O'Neil, Troy Turpin, David Germaine (alternates Aaron Pulvermacher and Tyler Walton)

Boys 400 meter dash with Aaron Pulvermacher.

Girls 4 by 100 m relay of Chloe Matthews, Maggie Dougherty, Calli Jerry, Trinity Law ( alternates Madison Russell and Sophie Dougherty)

Boys 4 by 100 m relay of Zach Wiegel, Tyler Walton, Ethan Shetler, David Germaine (alternates Caleb O'Neill and Brendan Carlborg)

Girl's 300 m hurdles with Emma Lawrence.

Boys 300 m hurdles with Matt Davis.

Boys 800 m run with Chandler Kelly.

Girls 3200 m run with Hildie Sigwarth.

Girl's 4 by 400 m relay of Maggie Dougherty, Sophie Dougherty, Claire Tiedeman, Chloe Matthews (alternates Shay Soppe and Kylie Monson)

Boy's 4 by 400 m. relay of Aaron Pulvermacher, Ethan Shetler, Troy Turpin, David Germaine (alternates Caleb O'Neil and Josh Redfearn)

Good luck to all the athletes!

Note: Even though these pictures were not taken at the regional meet, they were great photos taken by Josh Redfearn of the Regional athletes that were too good not to share!

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