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Sunday, April 22, 2018

The team had back to back meets in Cassville and Riverdale on April 12th and 13th,
and though some athletes made the trip both north and south, most went to one or the
other.  The Cassville group found themselves much luckier with the weather, but the
Riverdale group was not discouraged either by the cold or the wind, and both the men’s
and women’s teams brought home trophies for their 1st place finishes.  Notable finishes
from each meet were as follows.

1st Place Finishes
Michelle Greenfield, Kristy Kruger, Shay Soppe, Ella Reilly - 4 x 800 m relay
Ben Davis - pole vault
2nd Place Finishes
Kelsie Goffinet - pole vault
Ben Davis - 110 m hurdles
3rd Place Finishes
Michelle Greenfield, Shay Soppe, Ella Reilly, Hildie Sigwarth - 4 x 400 m relay
Tyler Walton - 200 m
Zach Wiegel, Brad Goffinet, Wyatt Bastian, Tyler Walton - 4 x 100 m relay
Sam Townsend, Tyler Allen, Xavier herrera, Marco Tomassi - 4 x 400 m relay
Tyler Allen - high jump
4th Place Finishes
Madison Russell, Kylie Monson, Maddie Pingel, Taylor Mowry - 4 x 100 m relay
Chloe Matthews - pole vault
Georgia Vandigo - discus
Zach Wiegel, Brad Goffinet, Sam Townsend, Tyler Walton - boys 4 x 200 m relay

Riverdale - men’s and women’s teams 1st place overall
1st Place Finishes
Emma Lawrence - 200 m dash
Emma Lawrence - 300 m hurdles
Brianna Leahy - shotput
Ethan Shetler, Matt Davis, Caleb O’Neil, Aaron Pulvermacher - 4 x 200 m relay
Josh Redfearn, Troy Turpin, Dylan Heim, Chandler Kelly - 4 x 800 m relay
Ben Davis - high jump
2nd Place Finishes
Emma Lawrence - 100 m hurdles
Claire Tiedman, Madison Russell, Eve Nottrott, Chloe Matthews - 4 x 400 m relay
Trinity Law - high jump
Emma Lawrence - triple jump
Brianna Leahy - discus
Aaron Pulvermacher - 200 m dash
Ben Davis - 110 m hurdles
Troy Turpin, Caleb O’Neil, Ethan Shetler, David Germaine - 4 x 400 m relay
Matt Davis - high jump
3rd Place Finishes
Chloe Matthews - 100 m dash
Calli Jerry, Trinity Law, Kelsie Goffinet, Chloe Matthews - 4 x 100 m relay
David Germaine - 400 m dash
Nic Davis - 3200 m run (time of 11:21.33 set a new Scales Mound School record)
Matt Davis - 110 m hurdles
Caleb O’Neil - triple jump
4th Place Finishes
Claire Tiedman - 300 m hurdles

Ben Davis - 110 m hurdles

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