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Friday, April 27, 2018

4 out of 5 Throwers set new Personal Records

On Thursday, BSMS varsity throwers came to the Becker Memorial Invite at Cuba City ready to compete, with 4 of the 5 throwers setting new personal records.

Holden Murphy - 36-00.75 shotput
Wyatt Bastian - 84-03 discus
Oren Charles - 98-11 discus
Oren Charles - 38-09.05
Megan Greenfield - 91-11 discus
Megan Greenfield - 28-10.05

Brianna Leahy did not PR, but helped the women's team earn 3rd place overall with her 1st place in shotput (41-10.75) and 2nd place in discus (121-09) (photo credit Josh Redfearn)

Other notable finishes that earned both the men's and women's teams 3rd place in the meet.....

1st place finishes

Trinity Law - High Jump
Brianna Leahy - shotput
David Germaine, Ethan Shetler, Caleb O'Neil, Aaron Pulvermacher  - 4 x 200 m relay
David Germaine, Ethan Shetler, Caleb O'Neil, Aaron Pulvermacher - 4 x 400 m relay
Matt Davis - high jump

2nd place finishes
Chloe Matthews, Maggie Dougherty, Calli Jerry, Trinity Law - 4 x 100 m relay
Brianna Leahy - discus
Troy Turpin - 400 m dash
Ben Davis - 110 m hurdles
Ethan Shetler, Caleb O'Neil, Zach Wiegel, Tyler Walton - 4 x 100 m relay
Troy Turpin, Josh Redfearn, Dylan Heim, Aaron Pulvermacher - 4 x 800 m relay
Ben Davis - high jump

3rd place finishes

Trinity Law - 100 m dash
Claire Tiedman - 100 m hurdles
Claire Tiedman - 300 m hurdles
Trinity Law - long jump
Caleb O'Neil - triple jump

4th place finishes

Maggie Dougherty, Sophie Dougherty, Kylie Monson, Chloe Matthews - 4 x 200 m relay
Claire Tiedman, Maggie Dougherty, Eve Nottrott, Chloe Matthews - 4 x 400 m relay
Eve Nottrott, Shay Soppe, Ella Reilly, Hildie Sigwarth - 4 x 800 m relay
Chandler Kelly - 800 m run

                  Maggie Dougherty in the 4 x 200 relay and  Ben Davis in the 110 m hurdles
                  (photo by Josh Redfearn)

                               David Germaine rounds the corner (photo by Josh Redfearn)

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