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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Seven Time Conference Champs!

Seven Time Conference Champs!

Men’s and Women’s team win the Conference Championship at UWP.

The BSMS athlete’s came to the conference championship ready to compete
on Monday night and won their 7th consecutive conference championship.  The
men’s team scored an impressive 161 points, 24 points more than the 2nd place
competitor. On the women’s team, 159 total points were scored, outscoring their
next place opponent by 32 points.  

This was accomplished because every athlete gave nothing short of all they
had last night, and fought for every place and every point.  Here’s who earned
points for the team in their event.

1st place finishes (scoring 10 points)

200 m dash - Matt Davis
800 m run - Chandler Kelly
300 m hurdles - Matt Davis
4 x 100 relay - Sam Townsend, Ben Vandigo, Evan Graves, Caleb O’Neill
4 x 400 relay - Caleb O’Neil, Evan Graves, Ben Vandigo, Chandler Kelly
High Jump - Matt Davis
800 m - Kayci Martinsen
1600 m - Kayci Martinsen
3200 m - Kayci Martinsen
High Jump - Trinity Law

2nd place finishes (scoring 8 points)

400 m dash - Chandler Kelly
4 x 200 relay - Gabe Liebberr, Dominick Cummins, Evan Graves, Caleb O’Neill
High Jump - Tyler Allen
Pole Vault - Nic Davis
Long Jump - Matt Davis
Discus - Holden Murphy
1600 m. - Hildie Sigwarth
3200 m - Hildie Sigwarth
100 m hurdles - Kayla Klotz
4 x 100 relay - Chloe Matthews, Trinity Law, Madison Russell, Joelle Sigwarth
4 x 200 relay - Chloe Matthews, Madison Russell, Anna Wiegel, Kylie Monson
4 x 800 m - Allison Winter, Eve Nottrott, Ella Reilly, Hildie Sigwarth
Pole Vault - Madison Russell

3rd place finishes (scoring 6 points)

110 hurdles - Gabe Liebberr
4 x 800 m relay - Troy Turpin, James Haas, Jackson Klang, Nic Davis
Triple Jump - Caleb O’Neil
Shot Put - Holden Murphy
4 x 400 m relay - Kennedy Kudronowicz, Kayla Klotz, Anna Wiegel, Kylie Monson
Long Jump - Trinity Law

4th place finishes (scoring 5 points)

300 hurdles - Gabe Liebberr
Shot Put - Zade Jones
800 m - Allison Winter
300 m hurdles - Kayla Klotz
Long Jump - Anna Wiegel
Triple Jump - Kayla Klotz
Shot Put - Megan Greenfield
Discus - Megan Greenfield

5th place finishes (scoring 4 points)

800 m run - Dylan Heim
1600 m run - Nic Davis
Pole Vault - Kylie Monson
Discus - Melanie Knuth

6th place finishes (scoring 3 points)

3200 m run - Nic Davis
Triple Jump - Sam Townsend
100 m dash - Trinity Law
100 m hurdles - Claire Tiedman

7th place finishes (scoring 2 points)

Shot Put - Oren Charles
200 m dash - Kylie Monson

8th place finishes (scoring 1 point)

3200 m run - Jackson Klang
Pole Vault - Jake Fawcett

Triple Jump - Tyler Allen

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Women's 4 x 800 and Men's Long Jump Tri-op records broken

Redbird Invitational - May 6th, 2019

Two Tri-op records were broken at the Redbird Invitational in Darlington on
Monday, May 5th 2019.

In the very first race of the night, the girls’ 4 x 800 meter relay team of
Kayci Martensen, Ella Reilly, Joelle Sigwarth and Hilde Sigwarth clocked
a time of 10:22.79, breaking the tri-op record set back in 2014 by Brittany Davis,
Bailey Redfearn, Heide Graves and Sonja Townsend (previous record - 10:33.31).

Ella R., Hildie S., Joelle S., and Kayci M. set 4 x 800 record

In the long jump, Matt Davis made his debut in the event, jumping in competition
for the very first time.  He broke both the Scales Mound school and tri-op records
with his jump of 20-09.75, taking Derian Phillips off the boards with his jump
of 20-03.25 set back in 2013.

Matt Davis debuts as a record breaking long jumper

Other notable finishes from Darlington include:

1st Place
Kayci Martensen, Ella Reilly, Joelle Sigwarth,Hilde Sigwarth - 4 x 800 (10:22.79)
2nd place
Chandler Kelly - 400 m dash (53.85)
Matt Davis - 300 m hurdles (42.30) (New SM school record)
Dylan Heim, Evan Graves, Caleb O’Neill, Ben Vandigo - 4 x 400 m relay (3:50.09)
Matt Davis - Long Jump - (20-09.75) (New School and BSMS record)
Holden Murphy - Discus - (130-10)

3rd Place
Niko Kaveragos - 800 m (2:09.58)
Dominick Cummins, Evan Graves, Gabe Liebberr, Ben Vandigo - 4 x 200 m relay (1:39.72)
Kennedy Kudronowicz, Kylie Monson, Anna Wiegel, Alison Winter - 4 x 400 (4:36.63)
Madison Russell - Pole Vault (7-06)

The team travels to Belleville on Friday, May 10th for the last meet before the
conference tournament!

Martinsen and Sigwarth break records in 3200 m

Deerfield, May 3rd, 2019

One of the best races of the night at Deerfield was the Women’s 3200, where the tri-op
record and the Shullsburg school record were both broken.  The tri-op record for
the 3200 meter was 12:33.22 (set by Heide Graves in 2014). Kayci Martensen took
the record easily, with her personal record run of 11:10.15.  Right behind her, her
teammate Hilde Sigwarth also ran a personal best with a time of 12:33.51, breaking
the Shullsburg school record set by A. Troy back in 1996!

Hilde Sigwarth

Kayci's first place finishes in the 3200 m, the 1600 meter, and the 800 meter,
also earned her the award of athlete of the meet.

Congratulations to both these young ladies on a fine performance!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Davis and Wiegel set new tri-op records at UWP

The Benton-Scales Mound-Shullsburg tri-op had a sucessful start to their season with two
indoor meets at the University of Wisconsin Platteville.

The first meet, held on Saturday, March 16th, resulted in Matt Davis setting a new BSMS
record when he successfully high jumped 6’5”.  Davis’ new record replaced that of
Jerimiah Bailey, who set the previous record of 6’4” at the 2017 Wisconsin State
                                          Davis at the 2018 State Championships

Other notable finishes from the March 16th meet were……

1st Place
4 x 800 meter relay of Chandler Kelly, Nic Davis, Dominick Cummings and
James Haas (9:35.2)
1600 m run - Kayci Martinsen  5:30:33

2nd Place
55 m hurdles - Matt Davis 8.76 seconds (new Scales Mound School record)
4 x 200 meter relay of Chloe Matthews, Anna Wiegel, Madison Russell,
Joelle Sigworth (2:02.46)
Shotput - Oren Charles 42-10.50 (new PR)

3rd Place
4 x 400 meter relay of Claire Tiedman, Anna Wiegel, Kayci Martinsen,
Joelle Sigwarth (4:38.58)
High Jump - Trinity Law  4’-10”
High Jump - Tyler Allen  6’-0” (new PR)

The second indoor meet, held on Tuesday, March 26th, also resulted in the setting of a new
BSMS record.  Zach Wiegel ran the 55 m dash in 7.04 seconds, breaking the record
of 7.06 set by Kyle Pulvermacher in 2016.

Wiegel (left) competing in the 2018 season

Other notable finishes from the March 26th meet were……

1st Place

4 x 800 meter relay of Niko Karavergos, Troy Turpin, Nic Davis, Chandler Kelly (8:59:10)
800 meter run - Kayci Martinsen 2:29:73
800 meter run - Nic Davis 2:11:42
4 x 400 m relay of Caleb O’Neill, Matt Davis, Dylan Heim, Chandler Kelly (3:55:32)
High Jump - Matt Davis  6’-02”

2nd Place

55 m hurdles - Matt Davis 8.61 seconds (new Scales Mound School record)
400 meter dash - Troy Turpin  55.92 seconds

3rd Place

4 x 800 meter relay of Hilde Sigwarth, Joelle Sigwarth, Ella Reilly, Kayci Martinsen (11:02:45)

Tripple Jump - Kayla Klotz   31-02.25

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Orders for the 2018 Track Plaque will be due on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 to Benton, Shullsburg or Scales Mound School Offices.

Order forms are available in all 3 school offices, or you may print your own order form by going to the following link

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

15 athletes move forward from Sectionals to State Championship

The BSMS girl’s team finished in first place at the Sectional competition held in Bangor, Wisconsin this past Thursday, with the boy’s team finishing in third place.

In all, 27 athletes from Benton, Scales Mound and Shullsburg competed, with 15 of them moving forward to the State Championships in La Crosse this Friday and Saturday, June 1st and 2nd.

Competitors moving forward are…..

Trinity Law in the high jump (2nd place at sectionals)
Boys 4 by 800 team of Chandler Kelly, Josh Redfearn, Niko Karavergos, Troy Turpin (2nd place at sectionals with Nic Davis and  Dylan Heim as alternates)
Brianna Leahy in shot put (1st place at sectionals)
Emma Lawerence in 100 m hurdles (1st place at sectionals), 200 m dash (1st place at sectionals),  300 m hurdles (1st place at sectionals) and triple jump (4th place at sectionals)
Ben Davis in high jump (2nd place at sectionals)
Matt Davis in high jump (3rd place at sectionals)
Aaron Pulvermacher in 400 m dash (1st place at sectionals)
4 by 400 team of Aaron Pulvermacher, Troy Turpin, Ethan Shetler and David Germaine (1st place at sectionals and set a new tri-op record with Caleb O’Neil and Josh Redfearn as alternates)

For full results on all the athletes that competed at Sectionals go to

Information on the meet this weekend can be found at

Sectional Track photo credit Kyle Kern

                                 Trinity Law will be high jumping at State Friday at 3 pm

                                Brianna Leahy will compete in shotput also on Friday at 3 pm

                 Chandler Kelly and the rest of the 4 by 800 team compete Saturday at 10:30 am

                                                            Josh Redfearn - 4 by 800

                                                          Niko Karavergos - 4 by 800
                                                    Troy Turpin - 4 by 800 and 4 by 400
              Emma Lawrence - 200 m dash, 100 m hurdles, 300 m hurdles all have trials on
                                  Friday and finals on Saturday and triple jump finals Saturday
                                              Matt Davis - high jump Saturday at 10:30 am
                                              Ben Davis - high jump Saturday at 10:30 am

                                                     Ethan Shetler - 4 by 400 m relay

                                        David Germaine and Troy Turpin - 4 by 400 m relay

                                     Aaron Pulvermacher will run in the 400 m and the 4 by 400 m relay
                                          with both races having trials on Friday and finals on Saturday

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Regional Qualifiers move forward to Bangor

On Monday, the BSMS Women's team took first place at the Cuba City regional, and the Men's team had a strong showing as well, taking second place overall.  40 athletes are now moving on to the Sectional Championships in Bangor, Wisconsin on Thursday.  Field Events begin at 3:30 pm, and running events begin at 4:15 pm.  For full details on the meet, visit

Girl's high jump will begin at 3:30 featuring Trinity Law and will be followed by boy's high jump with Ben Davis, Matt Davis and Tyler Allen all competing.

Girl's shotput will begin at 3:30 with Brianna Leahy competing.

Girl's long jump with Trinity Law will begin at 3:30 with finals at 5:15.

Boys triple jump with Caleb O'Neil will begin at 3:30 with finals at 5:15.

Girl's discus will follow the boys competition with Brianna Leahy competing.

Running events will begin at 4:15 with the girls 4 by 800 with Shay Soppe, Eve Nottrott, Ella Reilly & Hilde Sigwarth (alternates Michelle Greenfield and Kristy Kruger)

Boys 4 by 800 of Chandler Kelly, Josh Redfearn, Niko Karavergos, Troy Turpin, (alternates Dylan Heim and Nic Davis.)

Boys 100 meter dash with Zach Wiegel competing.

Girls 100 m hurdles with Emma Lawrence and Claire Tiedman.

Boys 110 m hurdles with Ben Davis

Girls 200 m dash with Emma Lawrence competing.

Girls 4 by 200 m relay of Trinity Law, Maggie Dougherty, Sophie Dougherty, Chloe Matthews (alternates Calli Jerry and Kylie Monson.)

Boys 4 by 200 m relay of Ethan Shetler, Caleb O'Neil, Troy Turpin, David Germaine (alternates Aaron Pulvermacher and Tyler Walton)

Boys 400 meter dash with Aaron Pulvermacher.

Girls 4 by 100 m relay of Chloe Matthews, Maggie Dougherty, Calli Jerry, Trinity Law ( alternates Madison Russell and Sophie Dougherty)

Boys 4 by 100 m relay of Zach Wiegel, Tyler Walton, Ethan Shetler, David Germaine (alternates Caleb O'Neill and Brendan Carlborg)

Girl's 300 m hurdles with Emma Lawrence.

Boys 300 m hurdles with Matt Davis.

Boys 800 m run with Chandler Kelly.

Girls 3200 m run with Hildie Sigwarth.

Girl's 4 by 400 m relay of Maggie Dougherty, Sophie Dougherty, Claire Tiedeman, Chloe Matthews (alternates Shay Soppe and Kylie Monson)

Boy's 4 by 400 m. relay of Aaron Pulvermacher, Ethan Shetler, Troy Turpin, David Germaine (alternates Caleb O'Neil and Josh Redfearn)

Good luck to all the athletes!

Note: Even though these pictures were not taken at the regional meet, they were great photos taken by Josh Redfearn of the Regional athletes that were too good not to share!